The Orange Music band and her singer offers the musical animation of your wedding ceremony, cocktail and party in the south of France. For this, our band offers different formulas and setlists.


The band can play different kinds of tunes during the ceremony in agreement with the bride and groom. Here is a list of tunes band can perform during ceremony Ceremony setlist
The singer sings a song with a guest during the wedding ceremony (Church, Aix en Provence)…

singer and guest during ceremony
Singer with a guest

Cocktail (Champagne party/ Drinks):

The composition of the band can evolve from duo formula (Guitarist Singer) to trio (Guitarist Singer Bassist), Quartet (Guitarist Singer Bassist Saxophonist) or quintet with a drummer.

Musical repertoire will consist of Jazz Standards and Bossa Nova, films soundtracks, always with a lounge atmosphere and can, of course, be supplemented with our usual repertoire (Pop Folk) that you can find on this page. Some samples of Jazz Standards and films soundtracks below:

The More I see you (Jazz / Bossa Standard)

The more i see you - Reprise/Cover Jazz Bossa (Chanteuse et Guitariste)

You’ve got a friend in me (from Toy Story Soundtrack)

You've got a friend in me - Cover (Guitarist, Female vocals)

Flightless Bird American Mouth (From the Film “Twilight”)

Once Upon a dream / Sleeping beauty (Disney)

S’Wonderfull (Bossa / Jazz standard)

The Days of Wine and Roses (Jazz standard)

Someday My Prince will come (Jazz standard)

Songbird (Eva Cassidy)

A Video…duo Singer / Guitar, Two Jazz standards…

Wedding dinner and party.

For your wedding dinner and party in the south of France and on French Riviera, quartet formula (guitar singer bass drums) seems to be the most suitable, your guests may wish to dance. For setlist, the band offers a selection of most danceable songs (soul/pop/rock)…

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