The music band to entertain your wedding in Avignon (84)

Are you looking to hire a music group to provide musical entertainment for your wedding in Avignon (Vaucluse)? You’re in the right place to find the right group and the right information.

Orange Trio Music is a Jazz, Pop, Soul, and Rock music group specializing in providing musical entertainment for weddings in Avignon, from the ceremony to the wedding meal and even the cocktail hour (vin d’honneur).

The group, which can be acoustic or more electric, will adapt to all the moments of your most beautiful day and animate every moment of your wedding by offering different formations and musical repertoires.

The music band for hire in Avignon - Book our band for your wedding

In this article, you will find a description of our different musical services in Avignon and its surroundings, discover our proposals and the Orange Trio Music group:

Our music group for the musical entertainment of your wedding cocktail in Avignon.

The cocktail hour is a very popular time of conviviality for guests. It is particularly important to accompany refreshments with a well-chosen musical atmosphere.

We can also offer different musical ensembles and several repertoires here, from the more Lounge “Class” to the most festive with formulas ranging from two to four musicians always motivated to make you have the best time.

Video Orange trio music wedding band trio for your wedding in Avignon South of France
Baby one More time – Britney Spears cover – Trio Band
I Shot the Sheriff – Bob Marley Cover – Rehearsal Wedding Music

Our different proposals for musical entertainment to accompany your cocktail hour with music in Avignon.

The duo of a singer and a guitarist, This formula is generally reserved for a repertoire of Jazz and Bossa Nova, a “Jazz animation” as well as Lounge versions of Pop hits, the group is here in an acoustic or semi-acoustic formation. The musical atmosphere is cool, relaxed, and friendly. Our music group will make your cocktail a success…

The trio with a singer, guitarist, and bassist with small percussion (Cajon, tambourine, and shaker). A more rhythmic musical formula more suitable for getting the guests to dance while waiting for the end of the evening party. The repertoire here consists of Pop, Reggae, and Soul standards.

The quartet with drums, a complete group for an exceptional atmosphere, more clearly dancing and amplified, more electric with a Pop, Soul, or even Funk repertoire.

The repertoire of our music group: Jazz and Pop/Lounge to entertain your wedding cocktail in Avignon

To entertain your reception, our Jazz repertoire consists of the greatest standards of this music, of course, vocal Jazz.

The days of wine and roses – Jazz Standard for wedding cocktail

This music is ideal for creating a cozy and relaxed atmosphere during the cocktail hour. Find the most well-known melodies of the repertoire interpreted in duo or trio.

Of course, our Pop and Soul Lounge repertoire is at your disposal, you can find it on this page.

Some tunes to listen to:

English man in NY – Sting
First day of my life

Hire musicians for the ceremony of your wedding in Avignon (Vaucluse)

We can perform as a duo, two musicians, a guitarist and singer for a semi-acoustic repertoire of the greatest songs in various styles… A discreet and elegant musical formation….

Another possibility: the trio, with the guitarist, the singer but also our bassist who can also play small percussion (Cajon, tambourine, and shaker).

We recommend these two formulas which, in our opinion, are more than sufficient at this specific moment of the wedding. The music should not take over but simply accompany and know how to be discreet while always being at the service of the celebrant.

Wedding musicians during a ceremony in Avignon (Vaucluse- Provence)
Musicians during a ceremony – Avignon Church

Musical entertainment for various parts of the ceremony.

During our many performances at weddings in Avignon, we have been able to expand our repertoire each year with new songs requested by the newlyweds.

Our now extensive musical repertoire will give you ideas for songs for the various parts of the ceremony: entrance, exchange of vows, signing of the registers, and the exit of the newlyweds.

We also offer to entertain your guests and family with music before the ceremony, don’t hesitate to ask for our advice…

Our suggestions for a dancing set – wedding in the Avignon area

In order to animate the dancing portion of your wedding, our music group only performs a minimum of a quartet (guitarist, singer, bassist/vocals, and drummer).

wedding party animated by Orange Trio Band in Avignon France
Wedding party music band Avignon

Indeed, in order to get the family and guests dancing and energize the evening, we absolutely need the presence of our drummer. He will support the rhythmic and danceable part of our repertoire.

For the occasion, our repertoire will consist of major international Pop Funk and Soul hits.

Find our full musical repertoire by following this link. This will allow you to get an idea of the choice of songs for celebrating your nuptials. Choose from our list, get inspired and ask us for some personalized songs.

The rates for our music group for a wedding in the Avignon region

Here is an idea of our rates, which are however variable depending on the time of year and the day of the week chosen. Our basic performance is for two hours, the rates are given with sound equipment and transportation included in the Avignon area, of course…

  • Duo (singer and guitarist) Cocktail only: 540€
  • Duo (singer and guitarist) Ceremony and Cocktail: 740€
  • Trio (singer, guitarist, and bassist/percussion) Cocktail only: 760€
  • Trio (singer, guitarist, and bassist/percussion) Ceremony and Cocktail: 1020€
  • Quartet with drummer, two hours, dancing portion from 10pm to midnight: 1200€
  • DJ supplement up to 4 hours maximum: 600€

These rates may vary depending on the desired day and time of year.

Our performance locations near Avignon

Our music band is based in Avignon (Vaucluse- France)), and we regularly perform at the most prestigious estates, farmhouses, and castles in the Avignon region, the Vaucluse, and the Luberon. We also provide musical entertainment for many weddings and events in Cavaillon and Carpentras.

We have provided music for a large number of events and weddings and have extensive experience in the musical field.

Our favorite venues:

  • The Domaine Blanche Fleur (Château neuf de Gadagne) 20 minutes by car from Avignon
  • The Moulin des Gaffins (Althen des Paluds) just a short distance from Avignon via the highway
  • The Domaine de Palerme and the Domaine du Vallon des Sources in Lisle sur la Sorgue (25 km from Avignon center)
  • The Mas d’Arvieux (Tarascon) 25 minutes by car south of Avignon
  • The Clos du Tuilier (Oppedette, Luberon) among others. Here is an article on our favorite wedding locations.

Our sound equipment for your wedding

We of course provide all the necessary sound equipment for our performance. Our sound system is always tailored and sized to suit the necessary sound volume.

We always take care not to exceed the agreed upon sound volume. One that will never bother your guests during the cocktail by preventing conversations, for example.

Our advice for choosing and book your music group

Hire a local wedding band

As a couple planning your wedding in Avignon, you may be considering hiring a music group to provide entertainment for your big day. If so, we highly recommend booking a local music group based in the Avignon area.

There are several benefits to hiring a local music group for your wedding in Avignon. First, we will already be familiar with the area and the venues available for events, making the planning process much smoother. They will also be able to recommend local vendors and professionals to help make your wedding a success.

In addition, hiring a local music group ensures that you are supporting the local community and economy. We have a deep appreciation for the culture and traditions of the Avignon region, and we will bring a sense of authenticity to your wedding celebration.

Finally, our local music group will be able to offer a diverse range of musical styles, from traditional French music to modern pop and jazz. We will be able to tailor our performance to your tastes and preferences, ensuring that your wedding is a truly memorable and enjoyable experience for you and your guests.

Overall, booking a local music group for your wedding in Avignon is a smart choice that will add an extra touch of local flavor and authenticity to your special day.

Here are a few points to consider when choosing and booking musical entertainment for a wedding in the Avignon region

  • What is your budget for music? This will determine the number of musicians to hire, on average, count 200-250€ per musician for a cocktail.
  • What style suits you best, Lounge or Festive, Soft Jazz or Rock.What type of performance: private Pop concert or “Jazz animation” for example.
  • The group’s experience and references. Always ask for the group’s references and their various performances at previous weddings.
  • The sound equipment. Is it included in the price? Is it of good quality and appropriate? Also ask for guarantees on an appropriate sound volume, particularly for the cocktail/aperitif.Schedules.
  • Think about defining precise schedules for musical interventions
  • The group’s location during their performance. Think about choosing a welcoming location for the musicians, consider that the sun can also cause problems and damage musical instruments…not to mention potential discomfort.
  • Travel expenses. Is the music group based in Avignon? Or do they come from the surrounding area: Cavaillon, Orange, Carpentras, or the Luberon, what are the travel expenses?
  • Refreshments for the musicians. Think about providing access to the buffet or a “provider” meal provided by your caterer if applicable.
  • Engagement contract and payment. Think about defining the payment terms (possible down payment) and ask to establish a signed contract outlining the details of the future performance.


We hope to have helped you choose and hire the music group and musical entertainment for your future event in Avignon or a nearby town (Cavaillon, Carpentras, or L’Isle sur la Sorgue).

In any case, getting married and hiring a music group in Provence in the Avignon region is an excellent project. The very favorable climate will allow you to organize your reception outdoors without a problem.

Avignon, its historical heritage, its festival, and the proximity of the Alpilles and Luberon attract many musicians and service providers, you will have no trouble finding your happiness!

Note that we also perform at home evenings (Birthdays and receptions) in the Avignon area. Click here to see the details of our entertainment offers.

To contact and book us: follow this link to our contact page. Do not hesitate to ask for advice!

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