Mister Jingle, Wedding DJ, Marseille et Cote d’Azur

Looking for a professional Dj for your wedding in the Marseille area …

Mister Jingle is the Dj Pro you were looking for, behind the concept Mister Jingle hides Pierre Migas an experienced DJ with multiple talents (DJ, animator, sound effects, sound illustrator) you can ask him anything, he will adapt !. Mister Jingle travels in Provence, in the region of Marseille and on the Cote d’Azur/ French riviera.

Mr jingle Skills

Mister Jingle is first of all skills: mastery of sound, volume, mix, knowledge of all directories and professional equipment; by engaging Mister Jingle you make sure your wedding party is a success. The Orange Trio Band recommends this Dj among many others for having found his remarkable and professional work.


A Dj with references, the essential point, and Mr Jingle has references! (The references here), Corti, David Morales David Getta, Bob Sinclar, Pierre Migas rubbed shoulders with the older ones and will be able to make you profit from his experience … As for the list of his many benefits, it is not necessary to list them here, visit his page references.

To Book Mister jingle:

Mister Jingle Website

Phone de Pierre Migas: +336.
Email: migas.pierre@orange.fr

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